Sous l’Arbre Acoustik works vulnerable populations and schools in Dakar, teaches them about their way of life, encouraging them to think critically, evoking issues such as equality, and personal growth through music. Partnering with organizations Samu Sociale, and Nuevo Futuro, and APEHS (Association for Handicap kids). Sous l’Arbre Acoustik participates in supporting efforts to help Senegalese children who don’t have families (including helping give them access to food, shelter, and education) by putting on concerts to fundraise and raise awareness to the local populations about the structures in place, and ways to get involved.


Sous L'Arbre Acoustik also puts on concerts of awareness for other causes around environmental, health, and social issues. Most specifically, through putting on events and concerts of awareness they try to educate local populations about the importance of taking care of the environment, as well as informing people about activity that threatens local ecology.