BIG & Sous L'Arbre Acoustik

BIG is an artist from Dakar, Senegal, and his musicians are known as "Sous L'Arbre Acoustik." He formed his music group in 2012 in Ouakam (a popular neighborhood of Dakar in Senegal) where a group of friends would meet to drink tea and play music daily under a palaver tree outside of his house. For the past several years, this tree has been a daily meeting place for friends and community to spend time together. His music style includes afro acoustic, afro jazz, and reggae, with songs sung in Wolof, Sérére, Pulaar, French, and English.


BIG has shared the stage with several well known Senegalese artists such as CHEIKH LÔ, MAO SIDIBÉ, YORO NDIAYE, MAREMA, NABY, and more. His music has a unique captivating quality influenced by African sound.  BIG released his first single, "Aida," in September 2016, and his first album Def lo Kham in January 2017, recorded in Dakar, Senegal under supervision of Wilfrid Zinsou (saxaphonist for Cheikh Lo) and produced by his American producer, Jessie Gates. The album was mixed and mastered in the United States by Jason Richmond.  

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